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Easy Vegan Drip Icing

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Course Cake Decorating, Cake Frosting, Chocolate
Keyword dairy free, drip icing, drip sauce, egg free, vegan, vegan baking, vegan cake decorating, vegan frosting
Prep Time 20 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Servings 1 1/2 half cup
Author Sara Kidd


  • 100 grams vegan white chocolate (I use Sweet William Chocolate)
  • 20 grams cacao butter
  • 70 grams coconut cream


  • Place almost all chopped chocolate and cocoa butter in the top of a double boiler or a heatproof bowl set over (not in) a saucepan of simmering water
  • Stir constantly until melted, making sure not to heat chocolate above 31C-32C / 88F-90F
  • Take off heat and stir in extra chocolate until melted then stir in room temp coconut cream (if it's cold it will set the drip)
  • Add to pipping bag (or however you like to drip your icing) and always do a test before adding it to your cake


  1. I find adding cacao butter to vegan white chocolate helps it set harder
  2. If you want ultimate control over your drip icing you can use a chocolate cooling spray such as this one to lightly spray onto the drip at the point you want it to stop
  3. If your drip is setting to quickly, just place back onto double boiler
  4. Add less colour to the coconut cream as it tends to darken once added to chocolate
  5. If you want to work with a runnier drip add more coconut cream